Merryman Ministries
Proclaiming & Publishing the Word of God
"The word of our God shall stand forever." - Isaiah 40:8

Merryman Ministries is a non-profit ministry (501c-3: IRS designation) which functions under a governing board dedicated to the publication of Biblical materials written from a dispensational and doctrinal viewpoint that perceives salvation as totally by grace alone, through faith alone, in Christ alone.


The following serve with Ron on the Board of Merryman Ministries:


Carl Denti is a retired pastor and former owner of a printing shop which helped initiate Merryman Ministries in 1998.


Bernie Hertel is a retired insurance benefits consultant and has been involved with Merryman Ministries since 2001.


Larry Johnson retired from IBM as a Safety Engineer in 1995 after 30 years. He has been involved with Ron's ministry since the early days at Holly Hills Bible Church.


Sandra Merryman serves as the secretary-treasurer.


This ministry is not underwritten.  All literature is distributed on a grace basis.  The cost of materials that anyone receives is born by believers who feel that this ministry is worthy of support.  Please pray with us that God will sustain this effort to publish His Word.



Praying for and Giving to this Ministry


Thousands of books and booklets from our ministry are being circulated in 19 prisons.  Thousands more are used by Pastors and those who teach God’s Word.   Your prayers for the increase of our outreach are greatly appreciated.


We do not sell anything.  Merryman Ministries is sustained by those who have known and loved the writings, ministries, and emphases in the past 55 years.  Our books are replenished by the free-will gifts of believers.  If you would like to help in this regard, send your TAX DEDUCTIBLE gifts to:


Merryman Ministries

1507 SW Antiquity Dr

Lee's Summit, MO 64081











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