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Prison Ministries

February 2020


Below are the words of a prisoner who has been using our literature for about 12 years in his varied ministries.  He now has 3 Greek students and wrote me of a need for Greek interlinear New Testaments.  I bought 3 slightly used ones off the web and mailed them one at a time to him.  This is his response upon receiving the first one.


Brother Ron,


We are really enjoying your book on spiritual gifts.  Most of the brothers here did not know they had gifts. 
They assumed it was only for pastors to receive gifts.  We are growing as a body little by little. 
Brothers are searching to see what gifts they have so we will be able to see where they fit in. 
As we have learned from your teachings, the body functions best when everyone is using their gifts.


Also, we received one of the interlinears you sent.  The second I walked out of “R and R” I was surrounded by
Christian brothers wanting to look through it.  We are all eternally grateful.  We sat at a table on the
yard and we read the Scriptures out loud.  Thank you very much.


‘Thought you’d be blessed by it… as was I.



March 2019


In the past several years, many of those incarcerated with whom we corresponded have been released.  Our prayers are with them as they take God’s Truth and apply it in the next chapter of their lives.


Among those who have longer sentences, they write of their continued study of the Word, their growth, and church ministry within prison walls.  They ask Ron questions and thank him for taking the time to answer personally.


Recently Ron has been contacted by relatives of those confined asking him to mail our publications to their loved ones.  We rejoice that the Lord was instrumental in their contacting us.


Here’s an excerpt of a letter from a prisoner with whom we came in contact this year:


One day I met a Christian brother who told me about you.  I didn’t pay any attention at first, but as I watched this man’s lifestyle I knew there was something different about him.  I attended one of his Bible studies and noticed he was well-grounded in sound doctrine… I asked this brother how he became so grounded in the Word.  He handed me a stack of papers later that day and said, “This man has made a difference.”  It was a study on Galatians.  What stood out was the background, history, and the use of Greek.  I had to give praise to God and thank Him for you, brother (Ephesians 4:11-16).


To God be the glory!  May He continue to bring sound Biblical publications to our brothers and sisters in Christ as they seek to grow and serve Him while in bonds.


~ Sandra Merryman

December 2011


The Lord continues to increase our prison outreach.  To ease overcrowding, inmates are often transferred, then in their new location share our literature with others.  To our knowledge, our materials are circulated in 26 prisons.  In 2011 alone, fifteen new men have began corresponding.


Their letters manifest their love of Christ and appreciation of God’s Word.  These men are eager to grow and to discern truth from error.  They are so appreciative of Ron’s writings and his answering their questions; each receives a personal letter in response to theirs.  They are able to spend hours a day in the Word.  Many are Bible teachers in their churches within prison confines and some are students of Greek.  Others are utilizing our Spanish Galatians with their Hispanic brethren.


A recent letter from a long time correspondent closes with these words,


“I thank you in advance for your help and your love and your faithfulness.  Within prison circles your name Merryman is equivalent to sound doctrine.  We appreciate you.  See you in eternity.”


We thank God for these men and their faithfulness to Him in the most adverse circumstances and praise Him for using Merryman Ministries’ publications for their growth.

~ Sandra Merryman


December 2009


A number have asked about our literature ministries to prisoners, so here is a brief overview.


This special ministry began in January, 2004, when a Chaplain (John), who focuses on a ministry to prisoners, requested a copy of each of our booklets and books for his personal review.  Within two months, we sent him 350 booklets and about 100 books (before he could circulate these in a maximal security prison, he had to remove all the staples from the booklets & the spiral bindings from the books to eliminate any possible use as weapons!).  John’s initial order was the first in many that followed.  Prisoners soon started ordering directly from us.


What began in that one prison has now spread to 19 (of which we are aware); 7 of these are in California.


Recently (Nov., 2009), my Chaplain Friend ordered, in advance, 300 copies of the Spanish translation of my about-to-be-published verse-by-verse commentary on Galatians (which, of course, we sent WITHOUT the spiral bindings).


In certain of these prisons, the Believers have access to duplication, and, at their request, have permission to copy our booklets; likewise Chaplain John.  He tells me that they bundle the 7 booklets and distribute to anyone who will read.  I have no idea the number of books and booklets now in circulation (obviously in the 1000’s).


Every prisoner who writes and orders books receives a personal hand written response from me.  Moreover, I serve as a sounding board and teacher to men who function as pastors within prison walls.  One recently informed me of his transfer from Ironwood State Prison (Blythe, CA) to Folsom State Prison (Folsom, CA) along with his entire yard-group scattered to various prisons throughout the state…the Lord’s way of expanding the Gospel message and the accurate teaching of His Word! 


From 1 prison to 19 in 5 years: quietly exciting.


Thank you for making this happen through your financial support of Merryman Ministries.  You make it possible to send anyone literature without charge.


Would you take a moment to remember these men who love the Lord and seek to serve him often in a very hostile prison environment?

~ Ron Merryman

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